JavaScript HTML Compiler (JSHC) turns templates and JavaScript into static webpages. Resulting in lightweight blazing fast websites.

It was born from my need to create this website, which was created using only JSHC, and my lacking enthusiasm for Wordpress and other Content Management Systems created using PHP. Since they are usually slow, heavyweight and hard to work with. JSHC solved all these problems by providing DIY templates and a modular data loading system.


Pages are created using a template and a configuration file. The configuration file is written in JavaScript or JSON, it tells the compiler which templates and variables when rendering pages.

Pages and their configuration file support inheritence, with private properties. This is usefull when creating the layout of the page and works well with the inheritence supported by the template engine.

Since page configurations can be written in JavaScript they can defined event listeners that can affect the compiler's behaviour.


JSHC uses the Jade Template Engine to generate its HTML. It also supports Stylus to generate CSS. Both languages ease the pain of writing and removes the brackets and hard-to-write characters.


JSHC plays nicely with conquer to support automatic reaload of webpages when their source changes, bee it their stylus, template or config file.